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About Us

J-kie (left), Chi (center), Charlene (right)


Our Story

The Basics Food started in 2019 with 3 young women that came together because of their belief that food should be life-giving. They started off with meal delivery and later ventured into offering tasteful marinated meat given its growing potential in the market. With the experiences in different field, they exchanged thoughts and empower each other during their start-up business journey.



She's been doing brand and marketing communication for more than 8 years in telco and F&B industry. She's taking care of The Basics Food's marketing and sales aspects, everything you see about this brand went through her hands.



No doubt, food is always her favourite part in life. That makes up her strong background in the F&B industry, from baking to cooking a meal, she can easily craft a flavoursome meal out of her hands. Of course, every piece and flavour that we have is coming from her.



Aha, she is the mastermind behind this business! As a chartered accountant herself and a rational one, she's making sure the other 2 of us don't go too far from reality.


Eat Well & Fuel Up

In The Basics Food, we strive to bring you the best you deserve. From sourcing raw materials, R&D, food tasting, food processing, packaging to delivery, we planted much care in every stage. We want to deliver the highest nutrition for your daily meals. By offering a bigger portion than other brands in the market, we promise you a higher protein content with zero added sugar. No joke, no empty promises. 


Not only that nutrition is important, every flavour is crafted with our own hands to ensure you have a pleasant eating experience. Not salty, no added sugar, every piece tastes just delicious for a balaced meal. As we continue to grow with your support, we promise to bring you more exceptionally quality food products.


Nonetheless, we just want you to EAT WELL & FUEL UP!